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BBC Group has created a new division, BBC Extrusion, which operates in the sector of Aluminium alloy extrusion and profile finishing

BBC Extrusion started in Pisticci (Matera - Italy) with a plant of 9000 square metres in which are executed the industrial activities of foundry, extrusion, surface finishing and mechanical works.

BBC Extrusion established itself in the market thanks to its continuous technological development and its capacity to satisfy the needs of the customer. Based on the specific requirements of its clients, the company performs activities of research and design in order to create exclusive products and systems that resolve many application needs, taking into account the different production processes in which such products will be utilised. The knowledge base of the company enables the offering of a service of assistance of the customers during the phases of profile design and choice of the alloy most suited to its production.

BBC Extrution is strong for its flexible production programming and speed of delivery.  The annual production capacity of 7000 tons, in conjunction with the in line-painting and packing processes, the computerised processes and the high expertise of its personnel, enables the company to satisfy any customer needs in terms of quantity and quality.

Among the main objectives of the Company Management particular attention is placed on the customers, which is pursued through the continuous product improvement, optimal quality/price ratio and service.

The Company is certified ISO UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (ISO 9001:2000), and is always involved in and committed to the respect of the environment, believing that industrial growth should not preshind from such commitment. The company policies are directed to obtain results of excellence on the aspects of environment, safety, workforce health and conservation of the eco-system in which it operates.

Zero impact on the environment is the objective that BBC Extrusion wants to achieve with its fumes reduction system.


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Bioroll - Il sistema di copertura a lamelle orientabili “Bioroll” è estremamente semplice da installare e versatile nelle diverse applicazioni.

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Frangisole Frangisole BBC frangisole system is made with extruded aluminium (alloy EN AW – 6060) blades 200x35 mm which are 1 mm in thickness;

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