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Aluminium is the polyamide of the third millennium. In research and development, technology and innovation BBC confirms its undisputed leadership at international level for accessories and fixtures.

The idea started in 1986 in Bernalda (Matera - Italy) from the intuition and the entrepreneurship capabilities of Nicola Benedetto, who has marked all the steps along the itinerary to success.

Such intuition, alongside the love and passion for his work, became a winning project.  By then identifying the right moment for producing and placing a product in the market enables the company to grow through a series of products and components.

The determination to reach achievable results, require a concerted effort on the part of the entire organization, which contribute to its development through motivation, shared values and, above it all, a strong sense of belonging to the company.

Twenty years of experience dedicated to create a mechanism that becomes credible because it is provided with extreme quality and precision of movements.

Our constant technological updates place us in the best position to follow the continue evolution of market needs.



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Bioroll - Il sistema di copertura a lamelle orientabili “Bioroll” è estremamente semplice da installare e versatile nelle diverse applicazioni.

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Frangisole Frangisole BBC frangisole system is made with extruded aluminium (alloy EN AW – 6060) blades 200x35 mm which are 1 mm in thickness;